6 Chinese herbs and their benefits

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The Chinese have over 5000 years’ history using natural herbal remedies for the prevention and treatment of a number of health problems. Usually boiled and cooked into herbal tea, these remedies are now available in a pill form for an easier, more regulated dosage. Today, Chinese remedies have been combined with modern medicine to ensure a healthy lifestyle for patients.

Most Chinese herbal remedies are a combination of several herbs, combined to get the optimum treatment. If you’re interested in a natural, holistic approach to treatment and prevention of illnesses, speak to a practitioner to see which medicine is right for you.

Here are some of the most commonly used herbs and spaces used in Chinese medicine with their known benefits.

Liquorice root

This multi-healer has a ton of benefits, making it a sought-after herb in most remedies. Most commonly used for digestive issues including stomach ulcers, heartburn and inflammation, it is also a terrific product for sore throats, bacteria or viruses and can also be used as a treatment for depression.


Ginseng is a natural energy boost, known for promoting stamina and endurance. This herb is particularly beneficial for people in need looking to boost their fitness or who are trying to boost their chances of falling pregnant. It is also a great herb for promoting relaxation, and can help with anxiety disorders.

Wolfberry & Goji berry

The goji berry has recently become popular in western culture, with many health gurus enjoying it for its ability to help with high cholesterol and prevent cell damage.

Chinese remedies also use this berry for men suffering erectile dysfunction, as it is known for increasing semen and sperm quality. This can be a natural treatment for couples having problems conceiving.

Dong quai

Aside from its ability to treat cardiovascular conditions, osteoarthritis and inflammation, dong quai is a prime remedy for women’s health. Women suffering from menstrual cramps, PMS and menopause can benefit from using this herb.


Astragulas root has a long history of boosting immunity and fighting disease. It can also protect the CV system and helps with diabetes-related illnesses.


Cinnamon isn’t just a great flavour enhancer in drinks, the spice also acts as an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties and can act as intervention against wind-cold conditions. It can also help stomach and bowel problems as well as erectile dysfunction.

Chinese medicinal treatments should also be combined with other treatments, including acupuncture and Chinese massage. For a holistic approach to healing, My Acupuncture can be of assistance.