How Acupuncture Can Improve Male Fertility

Male Fertility Acupuncture

Infertility has been a difficult and enigmatic challenge for couples throughout human history, but statistics show that in the modern day successful conception is harder than ever. Factors of today’s urban lifestyles, including air pollution, processed foods, poor intake of sunlight, and high levels of consistent stress all contribute to reduced fertility – and not only in women.

While they may not want to admit it, some 10% of men are infertile, and doctors’ studies show that in 50% of all couples unable to conceive male infertility is a factor. Yet fertility treatments focus largely on women’s reproductive health, and there is a significant stigma around a man admitting to anybody that he is unable to father children; virility is inextricably tied with masculinity in many cultures.

A non-invasive treatment proven to improve sperm health

Again, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have the answers where other medical disciplines run out of them. As a fertility and IVF support Chinese Medicine doctor accredited by the AHPRA (Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Australia), My Acupuncture’s Dr. Peter Gu is expert in the many applications of acupuncture relating to fertility and aiding conception. His practices and knowledge relating to male infertility are able to offer men struggling to start a family a second chance at fulfilling their dreams, without the indignity or risk of other treatments.

Properly applied acupuncture treatments have been demonstrated to significantly improve sperm count and motility (strength and movement) when continued over a period of 5 weeks or more. Dr. J Pei, writing in the journal Fertility and Sterility, said that analysis of sperm samples from men who underwent a course of twice-weekly acupuncture compared to both their initial samples and the sperm of men who underwent no treatment.

Improvement was especially pronounced where the sperm of the men had previously displayed unusual rates of structural defects; after acupuncture these men had more sperm, and overall healthier, more normal ones to boot.

A healthy body will produce a healthy child

There are many imbalances in a man’s body which can weaken his sperm or cause him to have difficulty impregnating his partner. Chinese medical theory can help to correct these imbalances, restoring the delicate relationship between the organs responsible for fertility and sex hormones. Dr. Gu’s acupuncture will restore proper blood flow to the body, reduce the stress inhibiting your performance, and stimulate the endocrine system to produce more male hormones, increasing libido, virility and fertility overall.