Explaining the unexplained from Chinese Medicine

I treat many couples with fertility problems in my acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice. The majority of  couples have done medical examinations and receive an explanation for their infertility. These causes range from low sperm count, poor sperm motility,sperm antibody in the man to blocked falllopian tubes, no ovulation or endometriosis in the women.

Acupuncture For Infertility
Acupuncture For Unexplained Infertility

For one third of couples, there has been no answers for infertility and these couples are given the diagnosis of “unexplained fertility”. This means that male semen analysis is normal, the uterus seems normal, the tubes checked and open, she is ovulating and has reasonable egg reserve. There is no endometriosis or other pelvic adhesions as such as to why they can’t conceive after trying more than a year. They feel very frustrated come to see me for help. 

I’d say that unexplained infertility isn’t unexplained. It just can not detect by current western medicine methods. From my experience, from western medicine point of view, posssible problems could be: sperm DNA damage which can’t detect from semen analysis; egg is not released at the optimum time for fertiliztion; tubes movement may efficient;implantation may fails due to immunological factors; may be the egg quality…….

But from Chinese medicine, we have a unique diagnosis system that can find out the the imbalance, defiency or blockage which cause infertility.

For unexplained infertility, researches done in China showed there are three main patterns:

  1. Liver Qi (energy) stagnation: may have one or more of following signs and symptoms: Moody, irritable before period, breast soreness and tenderness,ance before period, migraine or headache around period, period cramps, stressed and depressed, irregular period, irregular flow of period,wiry pulse …….
  2. . Kidney Essence deficiency( include two categories: Kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency) Low libido, chronic lower back pain, period either less than 22 days, or longer than 35 days. light or scanty period,cold hands and feet, dark clot period, weak pulse…….
  3. Qi and Blood stagnation: sharp, stabbing pain on pelvic area, period with large clots, sever period pain, long period, abnormal spotting……

In my practice, I also found that some other patterns: poor digestion, abnormal thyroid, Qi and blood deficiency, or a combined of above pattern.

In Chinese Medicine, these patterns could cause infertility. These patterns have been used for diagnosis for more than a thousand years in the  practice of Chinese medicine gynecology. We have also developed an effective combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments for these patterns  through hundreds of years experience on human body and modern clinical researches. 

I usually assess couples with unexplained infertility from both Chinese medicine and western medicine points of view, identify their disharmony and prescribe personalized treatments. Chinese medicine is great alternative  to unexplained infertility.