Every day choices for assisting our health and fertility: bone broth


A simple bone broth is capable of so much. Its an easy, cheap source of good proteins, fats and various minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. Lastly and most importantly is it’s a natural source of gelatin. Gelatin has a variety of benefits – and is often used in herbal formulas to help increase a womans fertility and regulate her hormones. In Chinese medicine, gelatin is also used to nourish the blood and skin.

Bone broths are very versatile, not only do they make meals more flavoursome but they also warm and nourish the body. Traditionally in some of the sourthern parts of China, bone broth (soup) was eaten every day. 70% of the bodies nutrition was gained from the soup and the last 30% was solids to fill up the stomach and reduce hunger.

The addition of bone broths/ soups to our diets has immense value for very little outlay. It is a good companion to most treatments, enhancing the effects of acupuncture and herbs by increasing the bodies resources to utilise in your recovery (think of it as a super suppliment).


To make the most of your bone broth follow these simple steps.

1) Pick bones from larger animals beef, lamb, pork, venision, kangaroo etc- the long bones (that contain marrow) or the joints ( that have cartilage)

2) Put the bones in a pot of boiling water (rolling boil) for about 10 minutes this is to clean the bones and get rid of the scum

3) Discard water and add the bones to a slow cooker with fresh water, with some fresh ginger (about 10g) and 100ml of cooking vinegar. the ginger stops the house smelling of meat and the vinegar speeds up the release of the nutrients. By the time its cooked it won’t have the vinegar taste

4) Cook for 8+ hours plus. Long slow cooking times are required to release the gelatin and other nutrients. A slow cooker makes this step easier but is not a necessity.

5) Allow to cook in the fridge overnight, Remove the fat from the surface. The fat will solidify on top, and can be removed.

6) Heat and use as required. At this stage you can drink it as a broth, or add meat/ vegitables, etc to make soup

The above steps make a good base stock for most people. If you tend towards a warmer body then putting in green vegitables and seaweeds at the end will help balance your metabolism. For those who easily feel the cold, or struggle with low energy and tend to a slower metabolism; you can add equal parts ginger/ cloves and cinnmon to Step 3. This will make the broth more warming and stimulate your metabolism. Certain chinese herbs can be added to further increase the health benefits – although these should be discussed with your practitioner to tailor it to your condition.