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IVF Acupuncture in Melbourne     Supporting the effectiveness of IVF

Our team’s passion for Chinese medicine is a family tradition and we love helping our patients.

We have over 22  years of experience practicing Chinese medicine, and Dr. Gu worked as a medical doctor integrating Chinese medicine and conventional medicine in China before he came to Australia. Although Dr. Gu practices Chinese medicine, he  actually approaches from  both Chinese medicine and western medicine perspective. His complementary skills in both areas enable him to perform a holistic approach to your fertility issues and create an individual care plan.

My Acupuncture work primarily  in natural conception,  IVF acupuncture fertility and women’s health. There  have been  hundreds of couples conceived and gave birth to healthy babies among our patients. Dr. Gu not only practices acupuncture at his Melbourne clinic, but he also has a profound knowledge of medicine, which plays a very important role in the care of fertility and women’s health. Dr. Gu normally combines acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine to manage women’s health concerns.

 Chinese medicine’s view of infertility

From the view of Chinese medicine, Dr. Gu believes there are two main patterns of disharmony:

Deficiency of reproductive energy (essence) and the signs and symptoms of this such as anovulation, poor quality eggs, irregular period, implantation problems, miscarriage, low libido, scanty period or heavy bleeding, luteal phase defect, abnormal hormones, PCOS and low sperm count and poor sperm quality.

Stagnation/congestion of reproductive energy and its signs and symptoms for example period pain, endometriosis, blockage of tubes, blood clots in period, PMS, PCOS, uterus fibroids and impotence.

Chinese medicine has been used to treat fertility problems for more than two thousand years.  Dr. Peter Gu applies and tailors these formulas to his patients’ individual needs.

Dr. Gu strongly believe individualised treatment is the key feature of Chinese Medicine.


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