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IVF acupuncture may help couples undergoing conception issues. A recent review of acupuncture’s effect on IVF treatment in the British Medical Journal found stated that acupuncture could increase a woman’s chance of pregnancy by 65% and give a 91% improvement in her likely to have a live birth.

My Acupuncture in Melbourne has helped hundreds of couples conceive. In average, there is  one new pregnancy  every two days among our patients in our clinic. Our biggest success is assisting a 43 year-old woman in becoming pregnant after she suffered from breast cancer. In conjunction with our natural IVF cycle and transplanted frozen ovarian tissue, she was able to conceive and be the first woman in Australia (and the second in the world) to find success with this treatment. The triumph was reported in The Age, on Channel 7 and in The Medical Journal of Australia. The most advanced age woman we have helped to get pregnant is 53 years old, through assisting IVF and donor embryo. For more details, please visit the IVF Assist blog and Case Study blog.

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Why should I choose your acupuncture clinic for infertility?

Our team’s passion for Chinese medicine is a family tradition and we love helping our patients successfully conceive.

We have many years of experience practicing integrated medicine, and Dr. Gu worked as a medical doctor integrating Chinese medicine and conventional medicine in China before he came to Australia. Although Dr. Gu practices Chinese medicine, he has actually obtained degrees in both Chinese medicine and western medicine. His complementary skills in both areas enable him to perform a holistic approach to your infertility issues and create an individual treatment plan.

My Acupuncture specialises in IVF acupuncture fertility and women’s health. We have helped hundreds of couples conceive and give birth to healthy children. Our expertise covers many areas of infertility including cases of women aged over 40 years, low AMH, severe endometriosis, PCOS, multiple miscarriages, and repeated IVF failure.

We enjoy our high success rates. Dr. Gu not only practices acupuncture at his Melbourne clinic, but he also has a profound knowledge of medicine, which plays a very important role in the treatment of fertility and gynaecological conditions. In China, most of these types of conditions of infertility are treated primarily by Chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Gu normally combines acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine to enhance fertility and treat women’s health concerns. This can effectively treat most issues which may not respond well to acupuncture.

Through acupuncture, Dr. Peter Gu helps Melbourne couples undergoing IVF in a number of ways:

  • Improve the function of the ovaries to produce better quality eggs
  • Balance fertility hormones for e.g. FSH, LH and oestrogen
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus and increase the thickness of the uterine lining
  • Help with emotions such as anxiety and stress
  • Prevent the uterus from contracting
  • Lessen the side effects of drugs used in IVF
  • Promote successful implantation
  • Support a sustained pregnancy
  • Improve the quality of sperm
  • Acupuncture treatments

Preparation before IVF

Approximately three months, depending on age and underling gynaecological conditions, prior to the IVF procedure, it is recommended that the patient begins receiving treatment support at our Melbourne clinic, to regulate the body’s function and make IVF more successful. Sometimes after just three months, the patient regains a normal menstrual cycle and is able to become pregnant naturally. During the three months of preparation time the main objective of the Chinese medical therapy is to:

  • Improve the function of the ovaries
  • Regulate hormones
  • Improve overall health
  • Improve semen quality and quantity

However, if you have missed this window, do not worry. Dr. Gu will assess and recommend an individualised treatment plan for you. Dr. Gu believes your own reproductive and overall health are the foundations of a successful IVF program, a sustained pregnancy and a healthy baby.

IVF acupuncture during the medication phase of IVF

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help the ovaries respond better to the stimulation drugs by producing more follicles and good quality eggs. It can also thicken the lining of the uterus to prepare for the transfer of embryos and reduce the side-effects of the drugs.

Acupuncture after egg collection

After egg collection, IVF acupuncture can reduce any local tissue trauma or bleeding and help prepare a better environment for the arrival of an embryo.

Acupuncture on the day of embryo (or frozen embryo) transfer

The aim is to relax the uterus and increase blood flow to the uterus. The team at our Melbourne clinic recommend before and after embryo transfers in two treatments within 24 hours. Research has shown that pre and post embryo transfer acupuncture treatments can improve the implantation rate.

If you get pregnant

IVF acupuncture and herbs can be used to maintain implantation of the embryo and nourish embryo growth. By relaxing the uterus it helps to prevent uterine contractions that could cause bleeding and miscarriage. It also reduces the risk factors of miscarriage such as clotting and immune responses. We recommend continuing your treatment with weekly appointments up until 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that monthly acupuncture sessions will help to maintain and promote a healthy pregnancy.

Acupuncture for male fertility
Acupuncture can increase sperm motility and decrease their abnormal forms. For some men whose semen have no sperm and may require testicular biopsy as part of the IVF procedures, acupuncture can help the production of their sperm.

Acupuncture’s effect on pregnancy rates

In our Melbourne clinic, we have higher pregnancy rates and live birth rates (which we believe is the most important factor) when we combine western medicine with Chinese herbal medicine. At My Acupuncture, depending on the cause of infertility, it is not uncommon for couples to conceive naturally before undertaking IVF with Chinese medicine intervention. Additionally couples who are preparing for IVF or IUI, or even those who have undergone multiple failed IVF cycles, can benefit from our acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatments.

Chinese medicine’s view of infertility
From the view of Chinese medicine, Dr. Gu believes there are two main patterns of disharmony:

Deficiency of reproductive energy (essence) and the signs and symptoms of this such as anovulation, poor quality eggs, irregular period, implantation problems, miscarriage, low libido, scanty period or heavy bleeding, luteal phase defect, abnormal hormones, PCOS and low sperm count and poor sperm quality.

Stagnation/congestion of reproductive energy and its signs and symptoms for example period pain, endometriosis, blockage of tubes, blood clots in period, PMS, PCOS, uterus fibroids and impotence.

Chinese medicine has been used to treat fertility problems for more than two thousand years. The approach uses acupuncture and herbal formulas which have been proven safe and effective in the human body in clinical practice. Dr. Peter Gu tailors these formulas to his patients’ individual needs.

For stories of our successful cases please visit our case study and IVF Assist blog.


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