Dr. Peter Gu Acupuncturist Herbalist in Melbourne particular interest In Fertility


A Melbourne Practitioner with over 25 years in Chinese Medicine

Peter Gu was born into a traditional Chinese medicine family. His father, Prof. Kong Jing Gu is a renowned professor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in China. Peter studied with his father when his was young. At the age of 19, He commenced formal study at Beijing University, the best university in China. As a distinguished student, he received his bachelor degree of Medicine (Hons) after five years of full time study.

Early years learning and studying medicine

After graduation, Peter became a resident doctor of acupuncture in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing: This hospital is one of only two hospitals attached to China’s Ministry of Health. While at the hospital, he received formal M.D. training, working in numerous departments, Gynecology, Neurology, Cardiology, Emergency, I.C.U.( Intensive Care Unit); C.C.U ( cardiac care unit), as well as Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Departments. During this time, he was apprenticed to Professor. Bai YU Lan, Professor. HepuRen and Professor. Chen Quanxin too. After that, he developed particular interest in Chinese Medicine Gynaecology and Fertility. Later he became clinical doctor and clinical teaching  in the Acupuncture Department. In this role, Peter practiced, taught, and researched the integration of Chinese and Western medicine.

Practicing Chinese medicine in Melbourne

Dr. GU came to Australia and established his practice in Melbourne, 2002. He is a registered acupuncture and Chinese medicine Practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA); a member of Fertility Society of Australia.

In addition to practice, Peter lectured at different universities and had received awards for his excellence in teaching. He is a visiting professor of Hainan Medical College, China. He is also an author in acupuncture and has co-published 3 books on clinical application in women’s health and an article on peer reviewed journal. His background has provided him with expertise in treating various health problems, particularly in fertility and gynaecological conditions. Dr. Gu takes great pride in the individualised care he gives each patient and the high pregnancy rates he has achieved over the years. Dr. Peter Gu is well known for his integration of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in treating infertility, gynaecological conditions and IVF support. He works in conjunction with and receives referrals from Monash IVF, Melbourne IVF, City Fertility and Gynecologists, Obstetricians from private hospitals. His passion for helping couples achieve a pregnancy is reflected in his kind and compassionate relationship he develops with patients. He has helped hundreds of couples to fulfill their dreams. Cases who conceived naturally treated by Dr. Gu include some of difficult and complicated cases: over 40s, Low AMH, sever endometriosis, PCOS, multiple miscarriages, repeated IVF failure etc. For IVF support, he also have many successful cases included the first patient in Australia and the second in the world who suffered from breast cancer and had frozen ovarian tissue transplanted, one natural IVF cycle and got pregnant. She was 43 years old (patient of Dr Lynn Burmeister, Monash IVF) and received treatments from Dr. Gu throughout the entire process. (Reported The Age and Channel 7; The Medical Journal of Australia)

Dr. Gu provides a combination of therapies, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet therapy and life style advices. Dr. Gu experienced in gynaecological conditions, female and male fertility, IVF support, miscarriages, irregular period, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids; poor sperm quality or low sperm count; He also treats: neurological problems, digestive and skin disorders, emotional disorders, and many more.

Outside of his work

Peter lives locally with his wife Jing, and their two children. Peter loves to read, enjoy great food, music, travel, and to help heal his patients.